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Whole process is under own management

We supply products both under our own makes of SEL and The Old Dutch Farmlight® and for various private labels, but we retain all parts of the production process under our own management - from the production of the preforms, blowing the PET bottles, the injection moulding and fitting the child-proof caps up to and including distribution to our customers all over Europe.

Since 2011 we have had a full ERP package used for processing the flow of orders, planning the production process based on the customer- and product-specific recipes, stock management and administration. The incoming and outgoing flows of goods are bar-coded by this ERP package. This allows us to trace the exact composition of every order sent out and to whom and when the goods were supplied. We attach internationally accepted SSCC labels to all deliveries. The package also allows us to connect seamlessly to retailers who work with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), a digitalized system for ordering, confirming orders, the administration of packer's labels and invoices. We also work very closely with the customs department. We are registered as a Bonded Warehouse (Accijns Goederenplaats (AGP)) meaning that our company complies with the very strict administrative and organizational requirements applying.