12 x 500 ml

6 x 2000 ml

12 x 1000 ml

3 x 5000 ml

The Old Dutch Farmlight® as supplier for bio ethanol

Farmlight® bio ethanol is the environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. This quality product is specially developed for bio ethanol fireplaces, bio hearths, bio ethanol tabletop fireplaces and bio ethanol built-in hearths. Bio ethanol is a natural product produced by fermenting sugars from e.g. sugar cane, grains, corn and sugar beets. Bio ethanol is a very pure, clean fuel that has almost no odour and does not produce soot. Sel Chemie is producer of bio ethanol for decades. Sel Chemie has besides the filling of bio ethanol also experience in the production of PET-bottles. Because of this reliable supply chain and the multiple years of experience, Sel Chemie is a reliable supplier of bio ethanol.

Bio ethanol under private label

With a sufficient purchase, SEL Chemie can also deliver bio ethanol under private label in your own line of packaging.