Frequently asked questions

What is the alcohol content of methylated Spirit & bio-Ethanol?

The alcohol content of methylated Spirit is approximately 85% The alcohol content of Bio Ethanol is >95%

What is the difference between methylated Spirit and Bio Ethanol?

First, the application. Methylated Spirit is used for cleaning purposes and as fuel in spirit burners and Bio ethanol as fuel for bio ethanol stoves. Since different uses involve different needs, the products differ from each other. Alcohol or fire spirit comes from a different stage of the distillation process than Bio Ethanol. Bio Ethanol is purer and therefore has less odour.

How do you open a childproof cap?

A child-proof cap can be opened by simultaneously pressing and turning counterclockwise. Proper hand placement also helps significantly when opening a child-resistant cap. For the best way to open a child-resistant cap, watch the instructional video below:

What is the minimum order quantity of Sel and Farmlight products?

Sel and Farmlight products can be ordered from 1 pallet. The standard quantity of product on 1 pallet varies per capacity size:c

  • 250ml 588 liter
  • 500ml 588 liter
  • 1000ml 720 liter
  • 2000ml 864 liter
  • 5000ml 720 liter
  • 10 liter 720 liter

What is the minimum order quantity of private label products?

For private label, the minimum order quantity is approximately 25,000 litres on an annual basis and also a minimum of 5 pallets per order. This MOQ is due to the needed conversion time of our machines when private label products are produced instead of standard Farmlight or Sel articles.

What is the delivery time?

For Sel and Farmlight products, the regular delivery time is about 2 weeks. For private label products, the regular delivery time is about 4 weeks.

Where can you get a safety data sheet (MSDS)?

An MSDS, SDS or also called safety data sheet, can be requested from one of our inside sales colleagues. This document contains all information about the product's properties. This can be done via the contact form or by sending an email to

Is lamp oil suitable for petroleum stoves?

No, lamp oil is not suitable for use in petroleum stoves as heating fuel. This is also stated on the label of our Farmlight lamp oil.

Lamp oil may not be used as heating fuel because excise duty must be paid for this application.

On which pallets can we deliver?

We can deliver on:

  • Europallets (120x80)
  • Block pallets (120x100)
  • Chep pallets (both 120x80 and 120x100)
  • One-way pallets/disposable pallets (120x80)
  • Heat treated export pallets (HT) (120x80)

What certifications does Sel Chemie have?

The certifications that Sel Chemie has can be found on the certification page.

What is a UN approval?

A UN inspection is an approval carried out by a recognised body on packaging used for hazardous substances. In the case of Sel Chemie's products, some products have a UN approval (see below to see which specific products are UN approved). With a UN approval, tests are carried out on, for example, the child safety of the cap, the packaging's resistance to falling and the packaging's resistance to pressure.

Which products are UN approved?

Only the products that fall under ADR legislation are UN approved. For Sel Chemie, these are ethanol-based products such as methylated spirit, bio-ethanol, fire paste and firelighting gel. This also includes benzene. If a product is subject to ADR and its contents exceed 1000 ml, UN approval is mandatory. Packs of one litre or less are again exempt due to LQ legislation (read more on this below).

What is a DIN standard for BBQ firelighters?

The DIN EN 1860-3:2003-12 standard is a standard specially developed for BBQ firelighters. Because Sel Chemie's firelighters for barbecuing are produced according to this standard, the quality of the fire lighting product is guaranteed. For example, this standard looks at the risk of leakage, the formation of sparks and explosion safety.

What is ADR and what is LQ?

Some of our products have to be transported with ADR transport. This means that the truck, the goods and the driver must meet a number of requirements to transport the flammable goods.

Now there is an exception for goods that fall under the ADR regulations, but do not have to meet the ADR requirements. This is because they are limited quantities. This concerns the "Limited quantities" legislation (LQ).

For Sel Chemie products, packaging smaller than or equal to 1 litre is exempt from ADR because of these LQ regulations.

What PET material is used for Sel Chemie's bottles?

Our standard packaging already contains 30% recycled PET. On request, we can use up to 100% recycled PET.

What bottle sizes can Sel Chemie supply?

  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1000ml
  • 2000ml
  • 5000ml
  • 10 liter
  • 20 liter

What is the advantage of the Easy fill cap over the standard cap?

The Easy Fill cap manufactured by Sel Chemie itself is fitted with a pouring spout, allowing the liquids to be dispensed nicely dosed. For lamp oil, the spout is a handy tool for when an oil lamp needs refilling.

What are our contact details?

Our details:

Sel Chemie B.V.
Broekstraat 23
7122 MN Aalten
+31 (0) 543 47 19 56.
BTW: NL8033.78.956.B.01.
KvK: 09082981.
IBAN: NL68 ABNA 0465 1152 09.
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